Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cthulhu Toque =]

Good morning everyone :)

First of all I wish all of you have a great day today, new week just began and I hope that we wont be so sleepy today =D So I will be done soon with the new item, take a guess! I can give you a hint thats something about Cthulhu! *wink wink*  Actually its something for my husband because he is so in LOVE with it, and then I feel like kids might like things like that so I decide to make some with new patterns. Im hoping that it will fit my husband perfectly and the kids might like it. It will be displayed soon on etsy so you guys can take a look at it!

Finished item :)

The yarn that I started with - now its blue - my hubbys fav color xD



Doesnt it look good on me? :p

Sometimes I think its more like a reindeer =D

It can be whatever you like,
but 1 thing for sure that is it can keep you warm on chilly winter nights ^_^
*Please do not be hesitate to ask me anything. Im happy to receive any advice from you <3 *

Other colors that are available now =]

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Trésor in Love/ Crochet Violet Scarf/ Neck Warmer/ Spring Fall Summer

Good morning there :)

So finally I created a new blog, I dont think much now, I just wanna be in somewhere that I can share things with other people, learn from them, where that I can be creative, be happier and  of course where to have some fun! :D I hope you guys feel the same things ! xD

Im inspired a lot these days, thanks to people living near me and the husband thats far away as well. They are all encourage me a lot and all stand beside me. So summer is coming soon, however I still miss the fall, I miss the season of the Love ( to me :P) So that might the reason to make me feel more creative to make this new item. This one is the first version so I might change the pattern a bit 'cause I got so many ideas right now and cant stop thinking abt them :) 

If you are interested in it, lemme know that. Im glad to receive any advice from you :)

Thanks a lot and have a great day friends! 

This is the yarn that I started with, I love purple <3
And here I gonna show you at least 4 Ways to wear this scarf :)

 Back to the basic...

If you want to know more about this scarf, you can click on the link here: 

Thank you for reading. Byeeeee (=