Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday evening

I dont know how to start writing about this ... Ijust feel sad and I dont really know what to do..
My husband is such a big kid :( and he admitted it.. Well I can sit here, do my stuff and wait for him until he finish  his games with his friends, because I know that he loves games so much and well he cant leave it, so at least I can make him feel comfortable that I dont want to seperate him and the games.. But today is Sunday and I really want to have time together with him.. He promised me yesterday that he will spend time with me today, no games, no friends, only for me.. And then today when Cookies called him and said that I wanna play with you blah blah... even though he said that its up to you and I do whatever my honey wants, I still feel like he wanna play games :( Then I said well its up to you... *silent moment*  I said I would like my honey to spend time together with me today, even doing nothing, I just wanna feel my honey is here with me, no more noisy with his friends... Finally we spent about 1.5 hours TOGETHER!, he surfed the internet read stuff and played games ( w/o Cookies) Im here crocheted... We talked a bit about other stuff then he started talking about Trine 2, Devil may cry, Silent hill and something else...again... He walked downstair, made a coffee, came back and said he will head to bed in half an hour.... I feel like I should let him play with his friends :(
I feel like he feels so bored and I have the feeling that I brother him :(  I dont know what to do, but I cant everyday sitting here and wait for him and his friends to finish the game... omg so noisy kids! I like playing..but not all day.. and we can only spend time together in the evening, thats precious time for me :(

However, Cookies always wanna play game with him in the evening.......( Doesnt he know that I wanna spend time with my honey? :(  and I feel sad that I and my husband dont have much time talking together... that I wanna play game with them but I dont have much time, and I always feel tired sitting for a long time in front of the laptop.. :)

What should I do now........ my husband - my big kid!....

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